Accent Magnets

Red Sparkling Heart as pictured on our Home Page.

 Left: Metal Expression.  Middle: Pink Acrylic with Bow.  Right: Bubble Love Acrylic.

Left: Bubble Love Acrylic. Middle: Metal look Black & Silver Sparkle. Right: Light Pink Sparkle.

While we are waiting for our website to be completed, if you are interested in ordering our magnets, please email: for info on our "Boxes of Love Accent Magnets.

Red Hat Accent Magnets

Our Traditional and Seasonal Design Line of Magnetic Accents gives you the opportunity to decorate your life for the special occasions you celebrate. Switch out or add a little pizazz to your Traditional year-round magnets with Seasonal to keep your board festive for any occasion. Decorating your life with Amanda Lane, Inc. is tons of fun!                                             

Feel the Love!
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