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Our AL Boards are a stylish and durable alternative to a traditional push pin or write-on memo and bulletin boards. Our product is designed to last. We frame a steel panel inset made of strong and durable galvanized steel.

Our AL Magnets are fashioned by our Creative Design Team. To each Accent a Neodymium rare earth magnet is attached. These tiny magnets are extremely powerful. In fact, just one 3/8" magnet can hold up to 6 pieces of paper!

Tender Loving Care Tips for your Board:

How do I care for my Board?
Dust off frame and steel panel with a soft cloth or feather duster. Do not use water, spray cleaners or furniture polish on any part of the Board.

How do I clean my Paperie Board?
Simply dust with a soft dry cloth or feather duster. Never use water or any kind of liquid or spray cleaner. Each board is sealed to help preserve the finish but we advise keeping it away from water, cooking and mixing areas where ingredients could splatter and possibly cause damage.

Can I use an erasable marker to write on the steel?
No, this product is not meant to be a write-on board and writing with any marker may leave permanent marks.

Can I take my Board apart?
We do not advise disassembling for any reason. This could be dangerous and possibly cause injury due to the sharp edges on steel.

Will the steel panel rust?
We use a high quality heavy and durable galvanized steel. As long as the board is used and cleaned as we suggest, it will not rust. Should any water come in contact with the panel, dry off immediately and thoroughly.

How do I care for the bow on my Board?
Periodically dust it off and fluff it up. Never use water on satin ribbon as it will water spot. Removing the bow will leave permanent damage on your frame where it was attached.

Do surface variations indicate a defect in steel? 
No, each panel is carefully selected for it's own unique character. Surface variations in our steel panels do not indicate inferior quality or imperfections but rather it's the nature of the steel itself, giving character to the overall appearance of each Board. We use only the best quality steel and every panel is selected to meet our high quality expectations.

What safety precautions should I take with my magnets?
Our Boards and magnets are not toys. They are for decorative use only. Magnets can be a safety risk to children and pets. Magnets should never be put in the mouth, eaten, chewed or swallowed as they can cause serious harm or even death. We strongly advise and caution you to keep all magnets away from young children ten and under without strict adult supervision.

Can magnets damage by computer or other technology?
Possibly. The strong magnetic fields of magnets can damage certain media such as credit cards, magnetic ID cards, TV's, VCR's, computer monitors. We advise taking precautions to keep distance between magnets, technology, electronic equipment and medical devices like pacemakers as directed by your physician.

Are Board and Magnets indestructible?
No. Boards and decorative magnets can be damaged if you use them for a purpose they not intended for or if you alter them in any way. If a Board is dropped or stepped on, the frame may crack, chip, split or steel become loose or even damaged. If you allow your board to get wet, wood can swell, paper peel, paint water spot. Neodymium magnets have strong forces but are not indestructible and they can shatter or chip particularly if dropped. Treat your Amanda Lane products with TLC and your Board and magnets will last for many years.

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